Recent Work

Currently Under Review (Full Manuscript Available Upon Request)
• Accuracy of a Large Language Model in Differentiating Pro- and Anti-Vaccination Sentiments on Social Media: An HPV Vaccination Study. With Kwanho Kim and Wonjeong Jo
• Views on Gender Bias in Algorithms: Influence of Target, Gender Identity, and Contextual Situations. With Poong Oh and Joomi Lee
• Difficulties in Connecting with African American Populations Amidst a Public Health Emergency: Examining the Impact of Government Messaging, Conversations Around COVID-19, and Emotional Appeals on Social Media Platforms. With Sanghwa Oh
News in the Age of Social Media: Normative Values and Social Media Values, With Jieun Shin, Seth Lewis, and Kjerstin Thorson
Understanding How Individual Traits Influence Views on Algorithmic Discrimination, Authored independently.
Influencing Factors and Role of an Efficient Physical Activity Program for African American Men with HIV. With Terri-Ann Kelly, Larry Icard, Loretta Jemmott, and John Jemmott
Fingerprinting the Digital Infrastructure of Disinformation: How Non-traditional Sources Shape Misleading Narratives in the Online Sphere, With Kwanho Kim and Haoning Xue

Recent Publications in 2023
Kim, S., Jemmott, L., Icard, L., Teitelman, A., Kelly, T., O’Leary, A., Ngwane, Z., Bellamy, S., & Jemmott, J. (2023). Long-term mediation of a sexual risk-reduction intervention for South African adolescents. Health Psychology: Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology, American Psychological Association, 42(11), 810–821.
Kim, S., & Kim, J. (2023). The Information Ecosystem of Conspiracy Theory: Examining the QAnon Narrative on Facebook. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 7(CSCW1), 1–24.
Kelly, T., Jemmott, L., Kim, S., Icard, L., & Jemmott, J. (2023). Prospective Predictors of Blood Pressure Among African American Men Living with HIV. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 10(1), 168-175.
Kim, S. Lee, J., & Oh, P., (forthcoming) Questioning AI: How Racial Identity Shapes the Perceptions of Algorithmic Bias. International Journal of Communication.

Updated in September 2023